Dissolving Text

Interactive floor installation and three looped video pieces.

This is not Therapy, IADT Dun Laoghaire, Dublin. May 2007.

Videos exhibited at the RDS Student Art Awards Exhibition, Royal Dublin Society, Dublin 4 in August 2007.

People look at things constantly; they quickly decode meaning, ponder about significance, and then move on. Time for appreciation of visual form, of shapes, colour, light and texture is rare. Text is one thing in particular, so wrought with meaning that people immediately read, yet never really look. This piece disrupts the use of text for meaning, allowing it to be plainly observed for its form and patterns. The interactive floor piece was written directly onto the wooden floor using blocks of plaster; as the audience walk over the piece it slowly gets rubbed away, leaving only elements of the textual forms behind. The text is distorted by scale and time, the futility of reading eventually becomes clear to the viewer and they are freed to simply observe. The video pieces draw on the same idea; the text dissolving and re-emerging continually in hypnotic loops, willing the viewer to stop thinking and just see.

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