Tag: model making

Small Things (misc)

Miniature sculptures in ordinary places, 2009 – 2011. My practice at the time centred on audience participation and contemporary cultural mindsets; I created mundane situations and injected them with flashes of light-hearted humour and diversion, focusing on ideas of play, imagination and exploration. More Installation More Art

A Terrible Hullabaloo

Short film produced by Bowsie Workshop as part of the Irish Film Board’s After ‘16 initiative, Dublin 8. September – October 2015. As Art Director I researched, designed and created a range of period 1:5 and 1:25 scale props and sets for this short film. More Film More Art

Childlike You

Music Video. May 2016. I wrote, directed and co-edited this music video for Rory Grubb’s song Childlike You, along with creating all the props, set dressing and doing costume and makeup. More Film More Art