Amuse-Bouche & Art Vendors: A consumer art project

March - May 2010
IADT, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

This project started out as a group Seminar assignment, where each member was asked to identify the core of their individual art practice and then collectively and cohesively exhibit this as a group.
The group worked towards challenging the function, value and experience of art by taking art objects out of the traditional gallery space and re-contextualising them in an accessible arena of display and exhibition. Each member created a number of small pieces which were displayed in a rotisserie vending machine on campus; the public could purchase the pieces for small and arbitrary amounts of money. This concept was adopted as a permanent part of the 4th year VAP course and all students now exhibit works in the vending machine gallery.
Amuse-Bouche Blog

Art Vendors was a follow on project which took place at the opening night of the IADT Graduate Degree Show 2010. The small artworks (which were linked to the larger Degree Show pieces) were sold in order to make the act of purchasing and owning art more accessible and engaging for the public. vend.jpg