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I studied Visual Arts Practice in Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology because I love art, and I wanted to create things. I developed an art practice which was driven by an earnest desire to make people happy; to bring joy, beauty and play into a field which is often dismissive of these things. I slowly came to realize that I didn’t actually know that much about humans and what makes them happy, so I decided to study psychology. My work in both art and psychology has been focused on the feelings, thoughts and desires of the general public; I believe in reducing the stigma around art and mental health so that each individual can connect with these vital elements of our humanity.

As well as studying art and psychology I have worked as a visual artist, a costume designer, a propsmaster, a film maker, a muralist, a production designer, a painter, a graphic designer, a workshop facilitator, and a communications officer.

Jacinta Jardine CV 2016


At the moment I am looking for a job where I can create, innovate, solve problems, come up with ideas and communicate information. If you know of such an opportunity, or if you would like to commission me to paint, design, photograph, video, animate, sew, or build you something, please drop me a line....


Email: jacintajardine@gmail.com

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