Student Learning Development

February - April 2015
Re-branding of the Trinity College Student Learning Development (SLD) Service

Analysed and assessed the visual identity of the Service and developed a communications strategy to enhance reach and relevance to target groups (postgraduates and undergraduates). Generated a new visual style which included flat design icons and youthful but accessible fonts (including a more simple and mature font for exclusively postgraduate materials), adhering to the green colour scheme which the SLD Service is known for.
Produced a bank of templates for the Service to use sustainably and autonomously, including individual icon pngs, font files and colour schemes, as well as template posters, brochures, email newsletters and book marks. Trained the staff in simple design techniques and how to effectively use the templates. postercover.jpg brochure A5-1.jpg brochure A5inside.jpg brochure outside.jpg brochureinside.jpg