The Good Shit

October 2009
Kaleidoscope, IADT, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

Interactive video installation

It has become an increasingly prevalent phenomenon that the world's media unwillingly inform us from every angle that life is hard, harsh, and unforgiving, that the human race is full of terrible creatures and that our earth is wrought with unsolvable problems. Seldom are we reminded of the good in our lives; understandably it has become something that we don’t often strive to see.
This piece centres on the answers to a question posed to the public (via a blog page) regarding the seemingly insignificant pleasures which we experience everyday; the little enjoyable moments of life which often go overlooked. The aim is to create a volume of uplifting information which counteracts the mass of bleak data by which we are daily assaulted.
Screencast of The Good Shit