God Damn Deity

April 2010
Blasphemous, Irish Museum of Contemporary Art (IMOCA), Lad Lane, Dublin 2
Group show curated by K. Bear Koss

Interactive video installation

This exhibition was a reaction to the ‘Blasphemy Law’ that came into effect in Ireland on January 1st 2010, which states that it is a fineable offence to utter anything deemed to be “grossly abusive or insulting in relation to matters held sacred by any religion”. A religion is merely a set of beliefs however, and with the immense variety of contemporary faiths and modern godly idols, making it illegal to offend anything that anybody believes in humiliatingly undermines our freedom of speech and is globally anomalous to a shocking degree. The show celebrates artistic freedom and intellectual discourse, as perhaps the most blasphemous notion to any religion is the existence and practice of all others. God Damn Deity emphasises this, humorously highlighting the stupidity of this new law and allowing the audience to decide which deities, if any, can be called false idols.

IMOCA - Blasphemous

Screencast of God Damn Deity